The Signs and Symptoms of 21 Weeks Pregnant

A lot of future mothers are thinking about the signs and symptoms of 21 weeks pregnant.

It is good to know that whatever the mother eats, the baby can taste it as well.

Even more, he or she can express approval or disapproval for certain tastes.

Signs and Symptoms of 21 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal movement

Most probably by this week, you are already able to feel the turning, twisting and kicking of the baby. However a lot of mothers think that they only have gas. You should enjoy these movements because as the baby grows, the kicks will get stronger.


This is one of the symptoms and signs of the 21st week of pregnancy that women can’t ignore. Many future mothers feel like they are hungry all the time. As a result it might be a good idea to fill the house with healthy snacks. Also make sure that you get rid of junk food so that you won’t be tempted.


Some of the signs and symptoms of 21 weeks pregnant appear because the growing uterus puts pressure on the rectum. This is why women find it difficult to contain themselves. Make sure that you have a lot of foods that are high in fiber and that you drink plenty of water.

Varicose veins

When it comes to the 21st week of pregnancy signs and symptoms, you have to remember that the extra weight puts pressure on the circulatory system, and as a result some of the blood vessels could get swollen leading to varicose veins. This is why it is best to control your weight gain.


One of the classic signs and symptoms of 21 weeks pregnant is the backache. This is caused by the fact that your center of gravity is shifting. Even more, relaxin makes the joints and ligaments loosen, making the back pain even worse. It may help to receive a massage from a professional masseur.

Hair, skin and nail

This one of the 21st pregnancy week symptoms and signs is easy to notice, because your hair and nails are growing at record speed. The symptom is caused by the pregnancy hormones and the fact that now you have more blood in your circulatory system.

The good news about the signs and symptoms of 21 weeks pregnant is that they are quite easy for you to live with.


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