More About the Signs and Symptoms of 29 Weeks Pregnant

As it was to be expected regarding the signs and symptoms of 29 weeks pregnant, there will be some new symptoms that the majority of women will experience.

While not all of them are pleasant, there is nothing that you can’t handle and all of them have treatments.

Signs and Symptoms of 29 Weeks Pregnant


Since there is more blood flow in the pelvic area, the veins in the rectum can pop out and bulge, leading to hemorrhoids. To make the pain better you should drink plenty of water and you could also use gentle wipes and soft toilet paper. Opt for the toilet paper that isn’t colored or scented.


This is one of the more annoying symptoms and signs of the 29th week of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones cause the so called ‘pregnancy brain’. Because of the hormones, the brain cell volume decreases. You shouldn’t stress about the problem because it just gets worse.

Itchy abdomen

You can also experience itching on the abdomen. This is because the skin is stretching and it is getting dried out. Make sure that you use a good moisturizer and you could also soak in an oatmeal bath from time to time.

Hair, skin and nail changes

Although the 29th week of pregnancy signs and symptoms involve the nails and hair growing faster, it is also possible that the nails will become brittle and dry. This is why it is important to have your manicure done regularly.

Problems with sleeping

One of the signs and symptoms of 29 weeks pregnant is heartburn that causes troubles with sleeping at night. If this is a problem for you, you shouldn’t have too much to eat around bedtime. In the same time you shouldn’t have chocolate or coffee in the evening because they make it more difficult for you to fall asleep.


The women interested in the 29th pregnancy week symptoms and signs should prepare for constipation. This is caused by the pregnancy hormones that relax the muscles, including the muscles of the rectum. In order to make the problem better you should eat yogurt and foods rich in fiber.

The truth is that the signs and symptoms of 29 weeks pregnant don’t bring many new experiences, but you might see them differently during the later stages of your pregnancy.


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