Signs If You Are 1 Week Pregnant

Now you are in the first week of pregnancy. Usually no woman can notice that she is a pregnant in the very first week. For that you should be aware of the signs if you are 1 week pregnant.

By this time the cervix and the uterus will begin to produce certain fertile mucus which fills the cervix opening and lines the uterus and also the fallopian tube. Mucus plays a very major role.

Signs If You Are 1 Week Pregnant

It performs as a continuous stream that helps in the transportation of the sperm to the fallopian tube.

Although this procedure happens within the body, much signs are not expected till the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall.

Here are some expected signs at week 1 pregnancy.

Food cravings

Craving for certain foods is also quite normal. It can be a good pregnancy sign, but this kind of sign is absolutely not a sure symptom.


If your areolas darken or the skin which is around the nipples becomes darker, then you might have a favorable idea.


Spotting can be noticed after 8 days of implantation. Cramping which is mainly caused by the muscle contraction of your uterus can result in the pain but it will be gone eventually. The blood prepares your uterus to the possible baby.

Frequent urination

After the implantation of embryo by itself and starts generating the human chorionic gonadotropin, frequent urination may be observed. The additional blood at the time of pregnancy is responsible for the additional fluid which is being processed by the kidneys and into the bladder.

Breast tenderness

Your breast swollenness and tenderness is one of the good signs of pregnancy. Your body tissues are making enough space for the milk storage which will be the food for your baby when it gets out of the mother’s womb.


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