Symptoms at 12 Weeks Pregnant

The 12th week of pregnancy falls into the first trimester. While some of the symptoms disappear and some other symptoms at 12 weeks pregnant may be started.

There are different types of conditions and signs related with the pregnancy in this week and almost all the pregnant women experience vomiting or nausea sensations or morning sickness at this time.

Symptoms at 12 Weeks Pregnant


In the first trimester your body works overtime to build your placenta, which is zapping your energy. Women notice it when they still feel tired or weak after sleeping which is a regular length for them or after a long day. This is due to hormones increase in the body. Take some time to rest and try to do some exercises when you can do.


As your hormones make your muscles to relax, your gastrointestinal muscles will also relax which indicates more intestinal gas and indigestion. Scarfing down the food can make you to swallow the air, which forms gas pockets in your stomach. To be away from this, avoid the foods which produce gas, and slow down at the time of eating.

Morning sickness

This is a usual symptom which is experienced almost by all the pregnant women at the time of first trimester. Though it is termed as morning sickness, nausea may be experienced by the women throughout the day. This may result in the vomiting, which may lead to the tiredness and weakness.

Growing uterus

The uterus increasing size can be felt easily in the abdomen by the physician at the time of medical test. As the uterus continually expands, other abdominal cavity organs will be forced out of the way.

Food aversion and craving

Pregnant woman may begin disliking certain smells and foods suddenly. Towards certain foods there may be a strong craving. It is also possible that certain foods which she likes before may now cause her sick feeling.

Implantation spotting

Some women may get spotting at the time of embryo attachment to the uterus wall. Sometimes spotting is followed by cramps, but every pregnant woman does not get this implantation spotting.

Frequent urination

The growing uterus and fetus put pressure on the urinary bladder resulting in the frequent urination condition.

Breast tenderness

Breasts start to increase in the size and the stretch marks start to appear. Breasts will be tender to touch. The veins on the breasts can be seen easily. In the breasts slight soreness can also be felt.


Heartburn symptoms are common at the time of pregnancy as there is increase in the size of uterus and towards the abdomen it squeezes up, and due to the change in the body hormones there will be a slower digestive system function. For the heartburn symptoms relief, your doctor may prescribe you some antacids and do not consume big dinners or spicy and hot food.


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