Symptoms in 1 Week Pregnant

Pregnancy is a monumental and exciting event which changes the life of a couple. Medically a pregnancy is determined as the present sperm fertilizes the egg.

Symptoms in 1 Week Pregnant

Generally this pregnancy is measured in weeks. Most of the women do not experience any signs or symptoms of pregnancy until 2 to 4 weeks, but some of them experience some changes in their body immediately, the first week later conception.

Though most of the women will not notice about their pregnancy until their period is missed, there are some symptoms in 1 week pregnant which can give you a hint of pregnancy.

Here we specify some symptoms during the first week of pregnancy.


The onset of tiredness can begin during the 1st week of the pregnancy, which results in the reduced sluggishness and energy.

Breasts tenderness

Breasts may feel tender in the early pregnancy stages and this can be a symptom of 1 week pregnancy. Breasts become sensitive and increase in size.

Increase in the body temperature

The body temperature increases slightly when a woman becomes a pregnant. This can be known by a thermometer. This rise in temperature lasts beyond 1 to 2 weeks which signifies that the ovulation has took place and a pregnancy may exist. The temperature rise is four tenths to one degree Fahrenheit. This temperature will come back to the normal levels before the expected period if the pregnancy is not present. A uniform increase in the temperature may indicate an early pregnancy and conception.

Missed period

During the pregnancy first week, a woman may expect her period to start. The first indicator of the pregnancy is the missed period. This is the most common pregnancy sign but there can be various reasons for a period to miss. If you are ill, stopped taking a contractive pill, or under stress you may miss a period. Sometimes due to the weight fluctuations also there will be a missing period. The period arrival differs from woman to woman and if you have a missed period you should consider other pregnancy symptoms of week 1 too.

Implantation bleeding

Light spots can be detected in some women when the implantation of the fertilized egg occurs into the lining of the uterine. When the fertilized egg is implanting into the uterus lining light bleeding can appear. The bleeding will be in light pink color and thicker than the regular periods. The implantation bleeding length differs for each woman. Some women may have only light spots for a day, while some will not discover, and maybe some others will have implantation bleeding for 3 days. In accordance with the American Pregnancy Association, this bleeding will occur in 6 to 12 days after the conception.


Many women will have slight cramping that may be similar to the slight menstrual cramps. Many women believe that this cramping is for the menstrual period, when indeed they are pregnant.


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