Symptoms in 14 Weeks Pregnancy

You are in the early phase of the 2nd trimester. You may begin to find that some of your annoying symptoms of pregnancy that you had in the first trimester (1-13 weeks) have disappeared (like fatigue and morning sickness).

You may come across some new symptoms in 14 weeks pregnancy.

Symptoms in 14 Weeks Pregnancy

Here are some symptoms which you may experience at the 14th week of your pregnancy.

Decreasing fatigue

You now probably feel a renewed energy sense as your body has completed its task of placenta manufacture in the first trimester.

Increase in the appetite

Your nausea is reducing at this stage, so you have again found your appetite. Try to eat healthy, regular snacks and meals throughout the whole day rather than bingeing. This keeps your energy and blood sugar stable.

Changes in the breast

Your breasts are still continuing to change and grow. But they may not feel as achy as they were in the first trimester.

Back pain

Back pain can occur most probably in this stage. Nearly 50% of the women will experience this symptom at some point of the pregnancy. This may be experienced at any time like when you are sitting, or standing. This is resulted because of overstraining the muscles due to the weight increase in your uterus. This strains the muscles of your back. This can be reduced by having a proper posture and by wearing flat footwear.

Acid indigestion

Most of the pregnant women will experience this heartburn sensation, especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Heartburn is also known as acid indigestion which is a burning or irritating sensation of the esophagus. This is mainly caused by the contents of your belly that reflux from the belly.

Round ligament pain

At this week, you may start to find some achiness in the lower abdomen. It may be in the form of a sharp pain or dull ache that takes place when you shift your positions suddenly. This is called as a round ligament pain and it is a common symptom that takes place in the 2nd trimester. This occurs because of the ligaments stretching surrounding the uterus to accommodate the developing baby.

Changes in the hair

You may find that your hair is getting shinier and thicker. This is one of the few lovely pregnancy side-effects.

Other symptoms

Other kind of pregnancy symptoms you may experience at the 14th week include gas, indigestion, constipation, stretch marks, headaches, frequent urination and you may also begin to have difficulty in sleeping as your tummy is getting larger.


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