Symptoms in 6 Weeks Pregnant

Being pregnant is the most exciting situation in the life of a woman.

You would be excited for your baby’s arrival, particularly within a year you will become a mother.

The 6th week is fast approaching and you don’t know really what is happening with your body, with your health and with your baby.

If you know the symptoms in 6 weeks pregnant you will be prepared to face any health problems and risks.

Symptoms in 6 Weeks Pregnant


As a baby is growing inside, you are bound to feel exhausted. Fatigue might be seen in the early pregnancy. This is due to increase of hormones in the body. During the early pregnancy, the progesterone hormone levels increase which results in the sleepy mood. Take some time to rest and try to do some exercises when you can.

Indigestion or heartburn

If you feel hungrier, you may notice that consuming food in large amounts in one sitting can result in indigestion or heartburn. If you want an easy heartburn fix, chew a sugarless gum after eating the meals. The increased saliva neutralizes the gastric acids and helps in pressurizing the fluids back into the belly.


The hormones which induce the relaxation to the gastrointestinal system and produce gas can also cause bloating.

Sense of smell

During this week of pregnancy, you will notice that your sense of smell is becoming stronger.

Breast tenderness

Breasts start to increase in size and the stretch marks start to appear. Breasts will be tender to touch. The veins on the breasts can be seen easily. In the breasts slight soreness can also be felt.


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