Symptoms of 15 Weeks Pregnant

You will not suffer any nausea, fatigue and morning sickness in this stage. You have crossed that and entered into the second trimester and going to notice the symptoms of 15 weeks pregnant.

During the 15th week, you may start feeling some unwanted and unexpected symptoms as your pregnancy’s side effects. Generally, during this period women experience lack of immune as their immune system is stabilized in their pregnancy.

Symptoms of 15 Weeks Pregnant

Hence, they suffer some common illnesses such as headaches, flatulence and so on.

Most common 15th week symptoms are mentioned below.


The hormones progesterone and relaxin will help in the muscles relaxation in your body resulting in the gassiness. Avoid foods which induce gas, like cabbage, fried foods, broccoli and beans.

Indigestion or heartburn

If you feel more hungry, you may notice that consuming food in large amounts in one sitting can result in indigestion or heartburn. Protect your gastrointestinal uneasy by consuming several small meals all over the day to avoid overloading your digestive system.


The hormones which induce the relaxation to the gastrointestinal system and produce gas can also result in bloating. You can overcome this by taking some time to get pampered and relax because sometimes tension may also result in swallowing the air, both during the day and during meals, increasing the bloat.


During the pregnancy headaches may be caused by fatigue, hormones, or stress. For reducing your pain, position a cool compress on your back of the neck or forehead and sit in a quiet, dark room.

Varicose veins

They do not cause any kind of harm, and their being is a nice excuse for sitting down and kicking back making your feet up, as elevating the legs maintain the blood circulating and also reduces the veins pressure in your legs.


If you couldn’t find any place to sit or lie down when you experience like light headed, kneel down and bend your head forward. This may help you in preventing from taking a spill or fainting.

Lower abdominal pains

As your ligaments and muscles help the growing uterus stretch, you may experience some pain in the lower sides of your stomach. This is an absolutely normal sign, but if it becomes severe, report to your doctor.

Bleeding gums

The hormones in pregnancy are rough on your body especially the gums and teeth resulting in the inflammation and making them much susceptible to bacteria and plaque. Your healthy gums may have become prone and sensitive to bleeding.


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