Symptoms of 17 Weeks Pregnant

You are in the midst of the second trimester now. Several alterations are occurring in your baby’s body and your body at this stage, and you may experience some symptoms of 17 weeks pregnant. At this week you will start to show.

Here are the symptoms of 17 weeks pregnant.

Symptoms of 17 Weeks Pregnant

Increase in the appetite

Your appetite may increase in this stage. That is because there is much demand of nourishment by your developing baby. Whenever you feel like hungry, consume the food and try to eat the foods which will fill you up and that meet your nutrient requirements.


At the time of pregnancy, the volume of blood increases to support your fetus. This increase in the blood volume can result in the headaches for most of the pregnant women. Tension, hormones, fatigue, or some other things may cause the headaches. It is usually alright in taking acetaminophen at the time of pregnancy to ease the pain. But before taking that, check with the doctor first.


If you notice any burning sensation after having a big meal, you should avoid lying down after eating to keep the gastric juices in the belly where they actually belong.

Occasional dizziness or faintness

Dehydration can result in the dizziness, so drink minimum 8 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated.

Stretch marks

This is a hereditary thing, so if you notice any stretch marks on the body, it might be because your mother also had them. But if there is an increase in the weight at a steady rate, then this may maintain the gradual stretching and resulting stretch marks may be less extreme. For most of the women, these stretch marks fade after the baby’s birth.


This common symptom can be eased by having a chair that is supportive to you at work and firm mattress at your home. Otherwise, you can have a cushion behind your back when sitting in the chair to keep your posture in the line, and you can put a board beneath the mattress in order to firm it up.

Weight gain

You may have gained weight of about 5 to 10 pounds probably by now. If you consume a healthy diet and be fit, you may be able to lose much of the pregnancy weight after the baby’s birth.


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