Third Week of Pregnancy

At 3 weeks of the pregnancy, many women even would have not noticed that they are pregnant or just discovered as they might have missed their period.

By this week, your body already will have gone through the fertilization process and most probably implantation also. Different women may have different kind of effects of the early pregnancy.

Third Week of Pregnancy

In the third week of the pregnancy, the conception of the fetus can be confirmed. The development of your fetus begins its process.

At this week pregnant woman will experience some symptoms such as nausea, frequent urination, fatigue and so on.

As part of the symptoms some women experience cramping in 3 weeks pregnancy. At this week, many women will take a pregnancy test and check for the positive result.


Experiencing the cramping is perfectly normal at 3 weeks and there is nothing to be worried about that. It generally takes place around implantation or may take place when you should be having your menstrual period. As these cramps are like menstrual cramps, some women mistake that these are menstrual cramps. If you notice cramping and bleeding, you should get in touch with your doctor.

Fetal condition

In this week, your baby is in the form of a blastocyst (ball of cells). In this blastocyst several cells are multiplying madly.


Once this blastocyst has located itself in the uterus, a section of it which will mature into placenta begins generating the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin pregnancy hormone. This demands your ovaries to cease the releasing of eggs and activates the increased generation of progesterone and estrogen.

Amniotic fluid

The amniotic fluid is starting to gather around the blastocyst in the available cavity which will turn as an amniotic sac. This fluid helps in cushioning the baby for the further weeks and months. Your blastocyst is getting nutrients and oxygen from the primary circulation system which is prepared by the microscopic tunnels. This connects your blowing baby to your uterine wall blood vessels. The placenta will not be matured enough to take up this task till the next week.


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