Tips for 9 Weeks Pregnant

You are in the 9th week now! Your hormones are raging and creating many changes in your body. Your baby is also developing, and he/she is nearly 1 inch long when measured from head to rump and weighs about 1 ounce.

At this week, you will experience some symptoms like stuffy nose. There are some tips for 9 weeks pregnant which can help you in reducing the discomforts caused during this stage.

Tips for 9 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some tips for 9 weeks pregnant women.

Frequent and small meals

Try to eat for 6 times a day. Prefer healthy and small meals that consists fiber. Try eating crackers or pretzels that contain sodium bicarbonate when you wake up. This can set your belly and can cut down the morning sickness. Eat this as soon as you wake up and do not skip the breakfast.


Adding some tablespoons of the nonfat milk powder to most of your recipes will help you in getting some additional calcium. For hot cereals and soups, try to use this nonfat milk rather than using water.

More ginger

There are some studies which show that ginger is especially very good for morning sickness and nausea. Ginger tea, ginger candied, ginger snaps are some good choices. You can also try watermelon, real lemonade for curing the nausea.

Good sleep

Your body is adapting to the rapid alterations. Having a good sleep is a very good remedy and it will help in reenergizing your body. Try to sleep in the afternoon daily or try to go to the bed half an hour before.

Weird cravings

Be careful of the weird cravings. If you are experiencing too weird cravings, talk to your doctor. If you notice that you are craving for artificial substances like laundry detergent or clay, it may be a sign of iron deficiency or deficiency of another mineral.


The low impact exercises can be done under your fitness professional and obstetrician guidance which helps in being active in the pregnancy. It would help in relieving your mental stress and in alleviating the complaints which are commonly experienced in your earlier weeks of the pregnancy (like morning sickness and fatigue).

If your age is 35 years or older than that and you are pregnant for the first time, you should inform your general practitioner if there are any complications with your health.

You and your baby have a lot to go on with all the challenging aspects of the pregnancy. Make sure that you schedule some time for relaxation like for prenatal yoga, swimming, warm baths, or meditation.


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