Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 15 Weeks

The majority of women think that there isn’t much going on during the 15th week of pregnancy, but the twin pregnancy symptoms at 15 weeks make sure that they never forget about their condition. There is a lot going on during this week; the fetuses are constantly developing and growing and women don’t get rid of the signs either.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms at 15 Weeks

Nausea relief as one of the 15th week twin pregnancy symptoms

The good news about this week is that the nausea should already get better or disappear entirely. In the same time women are supposed to have a healthy appetite. It is normal for women to have cravings in this period. If you happen to have any extreme cravings, you should discuss them with your doctor.

Vaginal discharge

As one of the twin pregnancy signs and 15 weeks you may notice some white and cheese-like vaginal discharge. This is something normal and you shouldn’t get alarmed by it. Nonetheless if the discharge changes its color or consistency, you should let your doctor know at once.


When it comes to the twin pregnancy symptoms at 15 weeks you may find that you simply don’t seem to be able to get enough sleep. During the night you may be disturbed by an urge to urinate, heartburn or disturbing dreams. Nonetheless it is important for you to try to get enough sleep.


It is interesting to know about the signs of 15th week twin pregnancy that a lot of women are complaining of headaches. If this symptom is frequent or severe, you should tell your caregiver about it. Have a warm bath, listen to relaxing music or have some rest in a dimly lit room.

Growing belly

The uterus expands during this period so this one of the twin pregnancy symptoms at 15 weeks will make you run to the store and get some maternity clothes. Although normally women start showing only later, in case of twins all the physical signs of pregnancy seem to appear earlier than they are supposed to.


In many cases, women experience swelling of the feet and ankles as part of the signs of twin pregnancy during the 15th week. In this case you should make sure to wear comfortable shoes and you can forget all about wearing the stilettos that you bought three months ago.

Naturally there are some other twin pregnancy symptoms at 15 weeks that you could experience as well.


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