Warning Signs in 31 Weeks Pregnant

In this week, your uterus is about 4 and a half inches above your belly button. Presently you are having less than 10 weeks for the delivery.

Though your delivery date is around forty weeks, your baby may get born anytime in these weeks due to so many reasons. So it is good to be aware of warning signs in 31 weeks pregnant in this stage.

The warning signs during this week are :


Many women start to have spontaneous contractions which are called as Braxton Hicks contractions at the time of third trimester. These contractions turn into more intense with every week and help the woman to prepare for labor.

These contractions are not harmful unless they happen for more than 4 times per hour or if these contractions are associated with vaginal discharge or pain, which could be a labor sign.

Pelvic pressure

Pressure in the vagina or pelvis could be an early labor signal. This pelvic heaviness or pressure is felt in the thighs, lower abdomen or back, it may also feel like your baby is pushing down.

Warning Signs in 31 Weeks Pregnant

If you feel like your baby is pressing down or you feel like your baby is dropping down into your pelvis before 36th week pregnant, it is a signal that you are going to get your labor soon. If you have this symptom immediately contact your doctor.

A dull, low backache

A dull, and lower backache can be a sign of early labor, and also an uneasiness of pregnancy. When you experience any sudden lower back ache, you should contact your doctor, as it can be an early labor sign. Lower back ache of preterm labor can also be radiated to the front or back. This uneasiness is not relieved by the position change.


The cramping or pain severity in your abdomen can differ based on the woman. In most of the cases, this has been explained as menstrual like cramping. This can also be an early labor sign. These preterm labor pains can occur at the pubic bone, low in your abdomen. They may come and go, or may be constant. Abdominal cramps may occur without or with diarrhea.

Extreme fatigue

Fatigue and tiredness is another sign for early labor. It increases the uneasiness among the women. When you experience extreme fatigue condition, immediately contact your doctor as it can be a sign of early labor.

If you have any of these signs or more than 4 contractions in one hour, immediately call your doctor.


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