Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Consider

The majority of women are interested in week by week pregnancy symptoms. It is good to know about these symptoms because this way you will know what to expect and you won’t be taken by surprise. Also you will know if you have any symptoms that aren’t normal and that could turn out to be alarming.

Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Weeks 1 to 5

During the first few weeks you won’t see any symptoms of your pregnancy. According to doctors a pregnancy actually begins after the 3rd week. This means that until the moment when you are supposed to have your menstrual period you aren’t even considered to be pregnant.

Weeks 6 to 10

If you are interested in the pregnancy week by week signs you should expect to experience morning sickness. It is also possible to notice amenorrhea. The breasts become tender and feel full while the areola may become darker. A lot of women are affected by unexplained fatigue and you may see some changes on your face.

Weeks 11 to 15

During this period the weekly pregnancy symptoms include your belly getting bigger and it is also normal to gain some weight. In this period of time the linea negra might appear and it is common for pregnant women to pass gas. Water retention is also normal and because of this your ankles will get swollen.

Weeks 16 to 20

One of the most interesting weekly pregnancy signs is feeling the movements of the baby. Women may have an increased libido in this period. Usually women suffer from constipation and heartburn and they might experience back pain in the lower back. The restless leg syndrome is also common.

Weeks 21 to 25

In case you are interested in the pregnant women’s weekly symptoms you should expect to see stretch marks on your body and you will also have the mask of pregnancy. This consists of symmetrical dark spots on the face. Your hands may become numb and you might also experience a tingling sensation.

Weeks 26 to 30

In this time period the pregnant women’s weekly signs include persistent fatigue and insomnia accompanied by shortness of breath and hemorrhoids. Heartburn is also common in this period and the breasts feel full since they are preparing for breastfeeding.

Weeks 31 to 35

The weekly symptoms of pregnant women in this period involve Braxton Hicks contractions that feel alarming. Weight gain is common in this period, and a lot of women can feel the baby drop into the pelvic region. Frequent urination is also common and a lot of women experience ‘nesting’.

Weeks 36 to 40

In this period the weekly signs of pregnant women include more intense Braxton Hicks contractions. It is possible to notice a change in the vaginal discharge and women could also notice colostrum leaking from the breasts. It is common for the women to have problems with their balance.

Now you know all about the pregnancy week by week symptoms and you know what to expect.


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