What Are the Signs of Being 5 Weeks Pregnant

In the fifth week of your pregnancy, there will not be any major change in the stomach size even though it may differ from woman to woman.

During this week, the organs of the baby start to develop.

The liver, kidney and heart start in taking the shape with the blood pumping in the body of the baby.

What Are the Signs of Being 5 Weeks Pregnant

During this time the nervous system also starts to develop and the neural tube also links the spinal cord to the brain’s lower part of the baby. In this week the baby’s size remains the same whereas the baby’s internal aspects will be growing.

Due to all these changes your body experiences some symptoms. Do not be worried about this and be aware of what are the signs of being 5 weeks pregnant.

Here we are specifying the signs which occur during the 5th week of pregnancy.

Urination will be frequent

In the fifth week of pregnancy, you urinate more often. This is due to the blood increase in your body, which results in more passage of fluid through the kidneys and into the urinary bladder. The reason behind this is a hormone called as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin which will increase the blood flow. Do not avoid taking the liquids in this stage because of the high frequent urination. You and your baby require a regular fluids supply to stay hydrated at the time of pregnancy.


During this week, your body is preparing and adapting to carry a baby. Because of this your body can experience extreme fatigue. You may notice that it is very difficult in getting out of the bed and you feel tired all the day. Try to have a light sleep in the afternoon and having a good sleep in the night will relieve you from this symptom.


The uneasy feeling in the stomach may result in vomiting. It can result in any time of the night or day, particularly during the first trimester, which is because of the unfamiliar hormonal combination, increase in the stress, and other changes in the body. For controlling the nausea don’t ever skip the meals and follow a healthy diet.

Excessive saliva

When you notice your mouth watering without any reason, you may be experiencing double whammy of the early pregnancy that is excessive saliva and queasy stomach. By chewing a gum that is sugarless can help your mouth in being a little dryer.

Food aversions and cravings

Here hormones play a major role, particularly in these weeks when your body is adapting to the hormonal havoc.


The rush of hormones that beats your body during the early pregnancy weeks frequently causes headaches while your body adjusts to the alterations taking place.


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