What Exercises Can I Do At 7 Weeks Pregnant

Exercise is very essential for the health when you are pregnant. Doing exercise in the time of pregnancy is very good to avoid the gain of excessive weight, for cardiovascular health and also to prevent some pains and aches.

It is also said that doing exercises at the time of pregnancy may help in the easier and shorter labor. Women may think what exercises I can do at 7 weeks pregnant. In this article we are specifying the exercise types which would be helpful during this stage. But before you start exercising, it is very important to consult your doctor.

What Exercises Can I Do At 7 Weeks Pregnant


Walking is very safe in all the pregnancy weeks and it also provides a healthy cardiovascular working. Use well-made and comfortable shoes to avoid sore feet and the falling risk. It is believed that most of the low impact exercises are very safe.


It is also a low impact, relaxing exercise to get stretch tired muscles. This exercise is very good and safe throughout the pregnancy. Still you should always avoid doing asanas, inverted poses in which you should stand upside down. The quantity and blood flow change at the time of pregnancy is probably to make you lightheaded and dizzy.

Water aerobics and swimming

Water aerobics and swimming are low impact exercises and are very safe and good throughout the pregnancy. Water gives a kind of natural resistance which softly tones your muscles. Many of them offer water aerobics and swimming classes mainly for pregnant women.


This type of exercise strengthens the floor muscles of pelvic which may strain in the later pregnancy by the uterus growth. Doing keel exercises, you experience like stopping and starting the urine flow. It’s very essential in doing regular keel exercises during the whole pregnancy period to tone the floor muscles of pelvic, which helps in the easier delivery and labor and will subject you to less prone for the conditions like urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapsed.


This may be done at your gym or at your home that provides classes especially for the pregnant women. Avoid much leaping, jumping and spinning.

Riding bicycle

Riding a bicycle will definitely support your body weight, so there will be a less stress on the body. Riding an immobile bike is a very good exercise as there will be less chances of falling down. As the abdomen grows, it can apply more stress on your back. So begin slowly and avoid over exerting yourself.


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