What Should I Eat at 30 Weeks Pregnant

You are in the third trimester now and you are getting closer to the due date! During this week you may have constipation.

This is common at the time of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones which permit you to regulate your pregnancy also slow down your digestive system process considerably.

So some women may think of what should I eat at 30 weeks pregnant for easy digestion and to get all the required nutrients for herself and her baby at this stage.

What Should I Eat at 30 Weeks Pregnant

Vegetables and fruits

In this week you feel so hungry, so ensure that your diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also have juiced or frozen fruits and vegetables for rich minerals and vitamins supply.

Starchy foods

These foods make you feel full and even provide energy as you obtain much carbohydrates from these starchy foods. This section includes breads, rice, potatoes, pasta and so on. Try to opt for whole grain options as they consist of much fiber which is good for your body.

Dairy products

This section includes milk, butter, yoghurt, and cheese which consist of much iodine and calcium. They are so essential for the development of bones for you and your baby.

Foods with rich protein

This section includes both vegetarian and non vegetarian food such as lentils, eggs, beans, meat, fish etc., which consist of proteins that serve as building blocks of the body.

If you are feeling hot at the time of pregnancy, what to eat?

  • At the time of pregnancy, there will be an increased metabolic rate. This indicates that even when you are taking rest, your body feels much hotter than in the usual times. If there is a humid and hot weather, you may feel exhausted due to the salts and fluids you sweat out.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water to compensate the fluids which you are sweating out. You can drink as much as butter milk, coconut water, freshly prepared lime water and so on. Don’t forget to drink some water before going out and try to carry adequately treated or boiled water with you when you go out.

If there is any affect to your appetite due to heat, try to consume short and frequent meals. Some options are mentioned here.

  • Cooling side dishes may be used along with your main course like freshly prepared cucumber salads, pineapple and cheese salad.
  • Eat fresh fruits in between your meals. Juicy fruits such as pomegranate, cantaloupe melon, or watermelon are ideal, as it is easy to digest them and they consist of minerals.


Tea consists of a substance called tannin, which affects the iron and other minerals absorption. So it would be better to not to drink tea for one hour and more after you eat. Instead of that opt for water, fruit or herb teas, or undiluted fresh fruit juice with meals.


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