What to Eat at 13 Weeks Pregnant

Having an idea of what to eat at 13 weeks pregnant and the foods that you should avoid are equally important.

There is a good stuff to eat for your baby and you from vegetables, fruits to healthy wheat breads and lean meat.

During this week you should consume lots of nutritious and baby friendly foods.

What to Eat at 13 Weeks Pregnant

You can eat the following during the 13th week

Fresh vegetables and fruits

These fresh vegetables and fruits consist of minerals and vitamins like vitamin C which aids your body in the absorption of iron. And they are also low in fat and a good fiber source.


Consuming 27 mg of iron per day is very important. The iron present in the animal products is more easily absorbed than the iron present in the plants. Lean red meat is best source for iron. If you like to consume only vegetarian food, you can consume iron from the vegetables like legumes and spinach. It can be difficult in getting iron from these sources; however, your physician may recommend an iron supplement. Vitamin C improves the absorption of nonheme iron, so you can consume the foods with rich vitamin C like strawberries, citrus fruits, sweet peppers and you can also consume iron-rich non-meat foods.

Foods with proteins

Foods like dried beans, eggs, soy products, dairy products, lean meat and peanut butter consists of protein which is necessary for the growth of your baby. Fish consists of good protein levels, but due to the contamination concerns, professionals debate on what type and how much of fish you should consume.

Color and types

Different colored vegetables and fruits consist of different levels of vitamins and nutrients. As a common rule, try to change the colors and types of vegetables and fruits you eat daily.


Your baby requires calcium for the development of teeth and bones. If you does not consume enough calcium, the baby takes what he/she requires from the your body and you will lose the calcium which is stored in your bones.

Try to avoid these types of foods

Soft cheese

Avoid consuming blue veined cheese, brie (the cheese of creamy cow’s milk), and feta (the aged cheese which is made up of sheep or goat’s milk) unless the label displays that they are prepared with the pasteurized milk.

Swordfish, tilefish, shark and king mackerel

These type of fishes could have high mercury levels. Instead of these you can eat the fish which consists of low mercury levels like catfish and salmon.


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