What to Eat at 26 Weeks Pregnant

As your baby is developing rapidly, your nutrition is so essential. Eating well for you and your baby is twice as essential.

Women should be aware of what to eat at 26 weeks pregnant to maintain her and baby’s health at this stage.

Consume a well balanced diet which consists of lots of vegetables and grains. Eating safely and healthily is essential, regardless in which pregnancy stage you are in.

What to Eat at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some ways through which you can obtain important nutrients into your diet.

Orange juice

Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C which helps in promoting healthy gums. It also helps in absorbing iron. So drink a glass of orange juice along with the breakfast daily.


Developing baby needs iron. Consume the food which consists of rich iron during this stage. The very good source of iron is the green leafy vegetables. If your physician has given you any vitamin and iron pills, have them without forgetting.


The foods with rich fiber like cereals and whole grain breads, brown rice and lentils are also rich in vitamin B. They are helpful in fending off the constipation also.


Choline is very important for the development of baby’s brain. Lean meats, peanuts, and eggs are some sources of choline.


Instead of using an iceberg lettuce, use romaine. Because potassium, B vitamins, fiber, trace minerals, and folic acid are twice in romaine when compared to the iceberg lettuce. Additional to this, it consists of much C vitamin which helps in the Red Blood Cells development.


Lutein is a very essential nutrient and it supports the eye health. Spinach, squash, corn and kale are some sources of this lutein.


Many women like eating fish, but you should be careful while eating at the time of pregnancy. There are some good choices of fish and also bad choices of fish.

  • Some good choices of fishes which can be eaten at the time of pregnancy are cod, bass, salmon, catfish, freshwater perch, and flounder.
  • Fishes which should be avoided at the time of pregnancy are swordfish, fresh tuna, shark, tilefish, raw shellfish, and the fishes which have been revealed to the industrial pollutants, king mackerel, and sea bass.

Packaged and canned tuna is safe to consume. It is essential to keep in mind that not to eat any fish beyond 12 ounces in the given week.


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