What to Expect At 3 Weeks Pregnant

During the third week of pregnancy, most of the women will not discover their pregnancy or they have just known because of their missed period.

At the third week of pregnancy, your body may have already experienced the fertilization and also likely implantation. Different women will have varied effects in the early pregnancy.

Here what to expect at 3 weeks pregnant is mentioned which are most common in this time.

What to Expect At 3 Weeks Pregnant


This can result because of your body hormones. The uneasy feeling in the stomach may result in vomiting. It can result in any time of the night or day. Particularly during the first trimester, it can be resulted because of some of the unfamiliar hormonal combination, increase in the stress, and other changes in the body. For controlling the nausea don’t ever skip the meals and follow a healthy diet.


This may be experienced at a time of implantation which is called as implantation bleeding. This is also typical when you have spotting at the time of your period.


During the third week of pregnancy, cramping is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry about that. It generally forms around implantation or may also occur when you are experiencing your menstrual period. If there is any bleeding and cramping, you should contact your doctor.


Fatigue might be seen in the early pregnancy. Women notice it when they still feel tired or weak after sleeping which is a regular length for them or after a long day. This is due to hormones increase in the body. During the early pregnancy the progesterone hormone levels increases which results in the sleepy mood.

Rise in the body temperature

Basal Body Temperature will be low when your body is proceeding towards the ovulation but increases at the time of ovulation. This is because of the estrogen hormone which decreases your Basal Body Temperature, dominates your cycle’s first half; whereas the progesterone increases your Basal Body Temperature which suddenly rushes once you ovulate.

Lower abdominal pains

Few women experience a series or twinge of cramps in the area of the lower abdomen. It usually results on one that is on the side of ovulation.

Cervical mucus

In the 2nd week your mucus was thinner and little bit cloudy. In the 3rd week, mucus will be even thinner, clear, and extra stretchy.

Sense of smell

On the third week of pregnancy, you will notice that your sense of smell is becoming stronger. This is a sign of ovulation.


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