Addiction to Painkillers – Impacting Newborns

It is a tarrying new trend – newborn babies are found to be addicted to pain killers. It is one thing for a woman to be addicted to prescription and other medicated formulations and quite another for this to impact her unborn child in a way that the baby is born being addicted to pain killers!

addiction to painkillersWomen and their addiction to pills and prescription medicines of various kinds is a worrying new trend that could have ever further reaching consequences than earlier thought.

At 8 months pregnant, Maletta Galarza was taking prescription medications and was consulting multiple doctors at the same time.

Women are so badly dependent upon the drugs that they continue taking their pills in spite of knowing that there could be consequences for their unborn child who would be born with the drugs in their system.

Babies being born with the drugs in their systems could have seizures, which, apart from all else, can be really terrifying to behold.

Women are choosing to break the cycle that is pernicious for their babies as well as them by checking into facilities such as the Drug Free Living’s women’s residential program in Orlando, where typically, the mother would check in along with her new born infant.


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