Why Babymoon is a Significant Phase for New Parents?

The period when the parents spend time on bonding with a new born baby is popularly known as babymoon. It helps you to get acquainted with the baby by meeting all his/her requirements. In many cultures mother of a new born baby is not allowed to cook, clean or do other house hold works for the first few days after the birth of the baby.

It not only heals the mother’s body but also encourages bonding between the two. Many times babymoon is also referred to a break or a holiday period that is taken by the soon parents to be before the birth of the baby so as to spend some romantic time together.

babymoon is a significant phase for new parents

Why Baby Moon is so Important?

Bonding with the Baby

From the moment you give birth and you and your baby meet for the first time a physiological process takes place. The process continues for first few years, but the initial months are very important because this is the time when you form special relationship with your baby.

A babymoon emphasize on sound breast feeding relationship, forming bond with your baby and healing of your body after giving birth to your child. According to researches babies who receive abundance skin to skin contact latches on the breast well. The babies who are exclusively into breast feeding for longer period are likely to have stable temperature, normal blood pressure, and normal heart rate. They generally do not cry and they wake up whenever they are hungry.

The Mother Heals

You must give adequate time for the healing of your body. It is recommended not to overdo things  and try to refrain yourself in doing any kind of strenuous work or lifting  for at least 6 weeks after you give birth as it may lead to breakthrough bleeding and at the same time it will slow down the postpartum recovery time.

Father Gets Acquainted with New Responsibilities

The husbands generally takes two to three weeks off after the birth of the baby, they not only spend adequate time with the baby but also help the baby and the mother in every possible way. As the husband is at home to bond with the new born baby, the mother can focus on establishing breastfeeding and getting well. Having a baby is peak psychological and emotional experience.

Below given are some tips for babymoon:

Bond with your Baby

These are few precious weeks when you do not need to be concerned about how recently you have washed your hair or watched television. All you need is the time to bond with your new born baby and spend quality time with him/her. This is the beginning of lifelong love, so both mother and father should spend time knowing their baby. Remove all distractions and concentrate on the baby.

You Deserve a Break

Growing your child is not an easy job; a lot of hard work is involved in it. But then too you deserve a break. Lie down on the sofa with your baby and do not move unless you are urgently needed. Being a mother is a tough job and it can be emotionally draining at the same time physically demanding. It does not lead you to get adequate sleep. Give yourself some time to rest so that you may feel energetic and thus you can act like an excellent mother.

Keep it Private

Enjoy this phase with the baby only. Parents and the baby – three of you are enough to enjoy babymoon to the fullest. Concentrate on breast feeding, understanding your new responsibilities, developing the attachment and recovery. It is better to invite your family and friends after few weeks.

Enjoy It

Turn off the computer, phone and do not look at the to-do list. Spend more time with your new born baby, this will facilitate bonding.

In a nutshell, enjoy the babymoon period without worrying about other things. Capture the special moments in your camera that will help you to remember this phase forever.


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