5 Best Labor Inducing Foods that you can try

If you are in your 40th week of pregnancy, then it is the right time for you to give birth as 40 weeks mark the full term of pregnancy. For some females, there may be no signs of labor even around this time and this can prove to be very discomforting!

If you are wondering whether there is anything you can do to induce labor, then the answer is yes. Apart from massaging your nipples or going for a walk, there are many foods which can help in inducing labor.

Eating these foods is a safe, natural and easy way to induce labor at home. The following are the 5 best labor inducing foods:

1. Eating Spicy Foods

eating spicy foodsPhoto Credit By: thegoodcalorie.com

One of the best foods for inducing labor around full term is to eat spicy foods. Many people swear by this method as it has proved effective for many.

What spicy foods do is that they increase the level of hormone prostaglandin in the body and this hormone helps in contraction of the smooth muscles in the body, thereby triggering labor. Remember that eating spicy foods may not be such a good idea during pregnancy but only for inducing labor.

2. Eating Pineapple

eating pineapplePhoto Credit By: mydocinfo.wordpress.com

Another food which can really help in inducing labor is pineapple. Pineapple is otherwise not suitable to eat during pregnancy but it can prove useful to bring about safe and natural labor. Pineapple helps in ripening the cervix and stimulating the prostaglandin production in the body.

3. Eating Black Licorice

eating black licoricePhoto Credit By: en.wikipedia.org

Another food which you can use if you wish to induce labor at the time of full term is black licorice. This food too stimulates the prostaglandin but too much of it can result in causing diarrhea.

4. Drinking Castor

drinking castorPhoto Credit By: namasteplaza.com

Oil-castor oil has also been known to induce labor in the case of those females whose labor was long overdue. Remember not to have castor oil alone and make it a point to mix it with 1-4oz of orange juice or some milk. It might taste bad but will have a certain effect.

5. Herbs

primrose oilPhoto Credit By: terrywhitechemists.com.au

Certain herbs when taken at the time of full term or 40 weeks can prove useful for inducing labor. Two of the herbs which have a definite effect are primrose oil and cohosh. You can take any of these herbs in the form of oil but only after consultation with your doctor.


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