Drink Milk During Pregnancy To Decrease Baby’s Multiple Sclerosis Risk

According to a preliminary study, women who drink milk when pregnant are doing their unborn babies a favor.

This is because drinking milk when in the womb reduces a baby’s risk of developing Multiple sclerosis as an adult.

A study that was conducted over a period of 16 years found that this risk of multiple sclerosis declined due to higher vitamin D from dietary (milk) sources during pregnancy.

Fariba Mirzaei, MD, of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston was quoted as having said that the risk of MS among daughters of mothers who drank 4 glasses of milk a day was lower by 56% when compared with those whose mothers had less than 4 glasses per month.drinking milk during pregnancy

This study adds to findings of other studies as well, which have established a link between vitamin D and multiple sclerosis.

It is recommended that pregnant women get their requirement of vitamin D by sun exposure, fortified milk and fatty fish which are good for a number of other reasons as well.


  1. This is indeed a very useful article for future mothers. Another thing that should be known is that it has also been found that a healthy dose of vitamin D administered to children while they grow up reduces their chances of developing multiple sclerosis later in their lives.

    So milk during pregnancy and vitamin D afterward should keep your child MS free!


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