Educating Baby in the Womb

A fetus or an unborn baby is an active learner who hears all the sounds around him including his mother’s voice and that of others.  This is the reason why when the baby is born; he automatically becomes more attached to the mother and the father than anyone else.  A pregnant woman must take advantage of the 9 months and use this period to educate the baby.  This time period can help in development of the baby’s brain and make him more receptive to language skills and learning.

educating baby in womb

The following are a few ways to educate your baby in the womb:

  1. The best way to educate your baby in the womb is to sing a song to him or hum a rhythm.  This practice introduces your baby to tones and rhythms and this in turn develops learning skills in the future.
  2. Another good way to educate your baby while he is in your womb is to read stories to your baby. This practice of storytelling helps the baby in learning vocabulary skills and grasp language.  These skills once developed, help the baby later in life as well. For better results, read simple stories and make use of voice expressions to create sense of happiness, sadness and other emotions.
  3. A parent must talk to their baby while he is in the womb. You definitely get the time to talk to your baby but you must also encourage your partner to do so, so that your baby gets used to your voice and identifies it.  This will also create a sense of security in the baby when he is born.
  4. Another way to educate your unborn baby is by playing him music through audiobooks and CDs.  This will also let the baby relax and also helps in the improvement of language skills. Listening to music also stimulates the brain of the baby.

Some Other Points of Consideration:

  • During pregnancy, you must stop smoking, drinking and doing drugs.  These behaviors can inhibit the development of the brain of the fetus.
  • It is also important for you to exercise and get a healthy diet as these practices will encourage your baby’s brain to grow properly.
  • Another way to create a sense of security for your baby is by touching your belly often. This factor also has an influence on the baby’s happiness. Touching your belly makes him feel loved and protected.

One cannot rule out the possibility of learning after birth and hence there is no evidence to prove that these practices will make your baby smarter than others.

When does a Baby become Capable of Hearing and Learning?

Once a baby reaches the age of 23 weeks, he starts hearing your voice and also starts responding when he hears your voice or other sounds.  Infact around this time, he may also develop a taste for the food you eat.  But some studies have shown that those parents who tried to overstimulate the baby into learning, his/her natural order of development may be disrupted. This may also disturb his/her sleeping patterns.

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