Effects of Stress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful gifts nature gave the female sex of any species. It is the ultimate pinnacle of being a woman and every woman should be able to enjoy her pregnancy and the changes that it brings.

All said and done, not everyone can have a stress-free pregnancy as stress is part of a daily routine of human, more so a female, life.

Stress During Pregnancy

There are plenty of factors that can cause stress. These include the daily stuff a woman deals with and also factors related to the pregnancy itself.

Stress stimulates the body to secrete hormones and also affects the heart beat rate, the blood pressure and other vital functions.

All these factors have a direct influence on the growing fetus in the womb. The “how” and “why” may not be very clear but the connection can’t be denied.

Doctors agree that it is not just a midwife’s tale that it is better to have a happy pregnancy rather than a stressful one.

Stress is a natural part of life and also of pregnancy as a woman not only has to handle her daily routine but also the changes that come with her physical condition.

The changes in her body, the people around her and even future changes about to happen in her life become reasons for emotional pressure.

To some extent stress is good as it helps the mom to have a sense of control over the situation and prepares the yet unborn baby for stepping into the world.

But the key question is how much stress is too much? The doctors have not been able to define this but it is a fact that it will vary from one woman to another.

What is sure is that a stress mom can feel a restless baby inside her womb.

Stress can lead to complications like premature birth, which in time will be followed by a variety of issues with implications in the future life of the child.

A preterm child is more susceptible to health problems like chronic lung disease, mental delays, infant mortality and learning disorders.

Pregnant women going through a stressful pregnancy tend to have babies who are temperamental and more prone to depression.

It is thus important to remain calm and happy during the nine months you are expecting. Relaxation techniques like massage, yoga and meditation can help release the happy hormone endorphin which relaxes not just the expecting mother but also the fetus.

Handle stress by being positive and looking for reasons to enjoy the wonderful opportunity of bringing a child into the world.


  1. Stress during pregnancy can also contribute to pain problems, including, back pain, shoulder pain and chest pain. When you are stressed, your body contracts and increases the natural forward rotation that happens during pregnancy. This increases pressure on your back, neck, shoulders, and upper body, pulling them forward and down. Utilizing stretching and other techniques, you can help alleviate stress and body aches.

  2. Its so easy to get stressed out when we’re pregnant. There’s so much going on, all while our hormones are let loose inside our bodies like a pack of wild dogs! Finding the time for ourselves is crucial throughout each stage of the child carrying, birthing, and raising process. By establishing a self-care plan, our stress levels shift and decrease which allows us to feel more grounded and present for our families.


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