Flying and Pregnancy – Safety Must Come First

When it comes to flying and pregnancy there are a lot of women who aren’t certain whether they should use this means of transportation. They are thinking about whether there is something that could harm the baby and what happens in case they go into labor while being in the skies.

Who should be thinking about pregnancy and flying?

Although there are some restrictions, in case you have a normal pregnancy with no health risks, you are free to travel wherever you want to.

Still specialists say that women shouldn’t be flying after the 36th week of pregnancy. Also it is possible for the different airlines to have their own restrictions. Flying and PregnancyThese limitations regarding flying when being pregnant involve the domestic and international flights. In some cases women aren’t allowed to fly 30 days before the due date.

Other airlines allow women to fly 7 days before the due date. Before getting the ticket you should ask the agent regarding the restrictions. The women who are at risk of any kind of complication aren’t advised to think about flying while being pregnant.

These women include those who have uncontrolled diabetes, placental abnormalities, sickle cell disease, hypertension and the women who could have premature labor.

It doesn’t matter at what stage of pregnancy you are at, you should talk to your doctor about flying and pregnancy. You could get a doctor’s note stating that it is alright for you to travel by plane. Usually the airlines don’t need such notes, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

In the early stages

You should know that flying and pregnancy in the early stages is safe. Nonetheless you should consider that travelling during the first trimester could make the symptoms worse.

This is why you should make sure to take safety measures, such as having sick bags.


Women say that flying when expecting is the most comfortable in the second trimester. This is because most probably you don’t experience morning sickness anymore and the chances of miscarriage decrease significantly.

So it is no wonder that this is the time when the majority of pregnant women travel. Still there are some health problems that you should consider regarding expecting and flying such as your circulation.

Air travel during pregnancy could cause problems and it is also known that the chances of having a blood clot increase when flying. Now just do the math. To make sure that you won’t have problems regarding flying whilepregnant, you should make sure that your clothing is comfortable.

It is also a good idea to get some compression stockings that make sure that the blood travels from the legs to the heart. You shouldn’t be crossing your legs. Regarding expecting women and flying it is important to know that women should stay hydrated and this is why it is important to drink as much water as possible.

There is a lot to know regarding flying and pregnancy, so make sure that you get prepared in time.


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