Getting a Massage While Pregnant – Good or Bad?

Pregnancy is a very important period in the life of the mother, father and baby. During this period the female body changes dramatically its shape and weight, so this can also be a period of emotional stress.

Most of the weight is added to the abdomen, which puts a lot of pressure to the backbone.

pregnancy massageA massage therapy, during and after pregnancy may help you in dealing with these tensions in a very pleasant way.

Massaging a pregnant woman should be focused on her needs. The massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic system, which helps the blood to move freely towards the mother and the baby while reducing the fatigue.

The massage stimulates different glands in the body and this way stabilizes the hormone levels and it calms the nervous tension in the body.

The massage oils contain nourishing ingredients, which improve the elasticity of the abdominal skin. It has been proved that a calm mother is more likely to have a healthy and happy pregnancy as well as an easy birth.

The real benefits of such a massage are: tranquility, relaxation and stress reduction. The massage relieves muscle cramps and spasms, improves blood circulation and movement of the lymph, which helps to decrease drainages, reduces tension in the joints and improves skin elasticity and subcutaneous tissue.

Massage during pregnancy differs from the regular massage on several grounds. The main difference is that the masseur must be familiar with the anatomy very well and especially with the peculiarities in the body of a pregnant woman.

Be very careful when you undergo such massage. It is important to choose a masseur that has experience in this field. It is very important what position you will borrow during this massage in order not to injure the baby. There are also areas of the body that should not be massaged – the belly should not be touched.


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