Homeopathy Could Help With Pregnancy Related Hemorrhoids

One of the many discomforts that pregnancy could bring along with it is hemorrhoids, the swollen blood vessels in the area of the rectum which may cause, itching, pain and bleeding or may even cause no discomfort in some cases.

This could be in part due to the pressure that the growing uterus puts on the anal area and as well due to constipation that so many women suffer during pregnancy.

homeopathy for pregnancy, birthIt has been seen that homeopathy can help with pregnancy related hemorrhoids in easing the symptoms in the following ways:

  • The formulation called aesculus hippocastanum can help to treat painful hemorrhoids that caused jabbing, or poking kind of pain, which may even extend par to the way up the back.
  • The sort of hemorrhoids that look like a bunch of grapes may be helped with the aloe vera homeopathic formulation.
  • Sulphur homeopathic medication could help with itchy hemorrhoids; a condition that may worsen at night and may be accompanied by redness or inflammation and gas.
  • The homeopathic formulation nux vomica may ease hemorrhoids that are accompanied by constipation and difficult to pass bowels.

More information about homeopathy during pregnancy can be obtained from Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby’s First Year


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