How Important Is Skin Care During Pregnancy?

skin care for every pregnant woman is most important. Normally, skin care and pregnancy goes hand in hand [Skin care tips].

Everything that you eat, apply and come into contact with any other thing affects not only you but also your baby. So, you should be very careful about whatever you do.

Topical ingredients that you use are absorbed into your blood stream and damage your developing baby.

There are various products that are considered as completely safe, but there are some ingredients which are considered as harmful for your developing baby.

Cleanser for skin care during pregnancy:pregnancy skin care

Use a gentle cleanser. Usually, your doctor suggests you to use a glycerin based or non-residue facial cleanser.

If the skin is very dry, then wash your face with soap less rinse-off cleanser, which is mild and moisturizing. In order to avoid over drying, wash your face not more than twice in a day.

Moisturizer and sun protector for skin care during pregnancy:

Moisturizing  is the most essential thing that you should add to your skin care routine during pregnancy. Use the moisturizer with SPF at least 15.

During the pregnancy, the rise in hormone levels cause the growth of pigment cells that leads to facial blotchiness.

In order to avoid this skin discoloration, use sunscreen everyday. Use sunblock with SPF 30 when you go out in the midday sun or to the beach. Try to get the creams and lotions consisting of the ingredients like avobenzone or parsol on the label.

Acne and oil skin care during pregnancy:

For an oily skin or for acne prone skin, use the products that contain alpha hydroxyl acid, glycolic acid, witch hazel, or topical erythromycin. Usually, most of the dermatologists don’t suggest the usage of topical retinoids or salicyclic acid. So, check the product labels for existing ingredients before buying the products.

Tips for skin care during pregnancy:

  • Only use the products that are suitable for use during pregnancy.
  • Avoid the usage of soap. Soaps remove the natural oils from your skin, so instead of soaps, use the moisturizing body wash. The body wash helps to maintain the essential oils in your skin and gives a healthy glow.
  • Don’t spend long time for bath. Bathing for longer time dehydrates your skin and leaves it to look dull.
  • Skin cells greatly change during your pregnancy, so ensure that you nourish and moisturize the skin more than even before.
  • Apply moisturizing lotion immediately after washing your face so that you can maintain healthy glow.
  • Use the bath products that contain the additional moisturizing properties and are pH balanced. These products help to maintain the healthy glow for a pregnant woman’s skin.
  • Avoid the usage of cleansers that contain chemical exfoliants like glycolic, alpha or beta hydroxyl acids or salicylic particularly in the first trimester. Instead of these products, it is better to use mechanical exfoliant products to remove the dead skin.


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