How To Manage Your Health While Being Pregnant?

Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby is the most joyful time in a woman’s life.

Now, it is the time to know the importance of taking care of your pregnancy right from conception to childbirth.

However, a special care is required for pregnant working woman because the complication of being pregnant arises when doing a fulltime job

Being pregnant while doing job not only increases the challenge of pregnancy, but also increases your responsibilities at home and work place.Being Pregnant

It is estimated that approximately 350,000 working women continue their job during pregnancy; among these 70% of women revert to job shortly after childbirth.

Despite of having joy of pregnancy, being pregnant also increases physical as well as mental stress, particularly if you are a pregnant working woman. In other words, the stress-related problems are very common for all pregnant working women.

Practicing simple exercises at your place of work, having a balanced healthy diet at the right intervals of time and managing your stress related problems are the simple techniques to follow in order to stay stress free and to maintain a healthy pregnancy (Pregnancy Exercise).

Aromatherapy with highly concentrated oils and herbs also help reduce your physical and mental stress problems such as muscular fatigue and repetitive-strain syndrome.

Back pain and swollen legs are the most common health related problems for pregnant workingwoman. Practicing simple exercises is the only way out to reduce these symptoms.

As it is hard for a pregnant working woman to schedule time for practicing exercise, practice stretch exercises at your workplace in order to relax your back muscles.

It is also good to use staircase rather than the elevator, as it gives you some kind of exercise to your muscles.

On the other hand, you may feel more tired as your pregnancy progresses. This kind of pregnancy symptom can be handled easily through adequate rest, which is possible with short naps during the mid-day or by taking a few minutes walk during your break time in the workplace.

This pregnancy symptom can also reduce by drinking plenty of water, as it improves the supply of blood to the brain.

Being pregnant employee, it is more important to try yoga [Pregnancy Yoga], which can help not only through pregnancy but also during labor and delivery. However, avoid certain poses that can harm you and your developing baby during pregnancy.

Despite of practicing breathing techniques of yoga for physical and mental relaxation, it is also essential to have regular exercise practice because it helps regain the shape of your body sooner after childbirth.

Being pregnant employee, try to maintain a well balanced diet to get energy and nutrients required during pregnancy. The diet should include very less fatty foods and high levels of carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Also, you take a glass of milk as well as six to eight glasses of water.

In addition to these, it is always recommended to have home-prepared food instead of outside foods. Also, avoid taking alcohol or medication without your doctor prescription.


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