Importance of Good Oral Health for Expectant Moms

Many women read about the importance of visiting a dentist during their pregnancy, but may not know why this is so important to do. Even recent research has indicated the importance of good oral health during pregnancy, so visiting a dentist at least once during pregnancy is a must.

oral health during pregnancyHormonal and other changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy tend to give rise to symptoms of gingivitis that cause swelling of the gums, bleeding gums, and other oral problems to manifest themselves.

The bleeding and swelling of gums is most typically seen in the first 6 months of pregnancy; however this can occur at any time of the pregnancy, according to Crystal L. McIntosh, lead author of an article published in General Dentistry.

Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist during pregnancy can help to reduce the symptoms.

About 10% of pregnant women also suffer from oral tumors inside the mouth. These can also cause bleeding.

So it is important to brush well, twice a day, to floss regularly and make sure that any irregularities are reported to the dentist during pregnancy, in order to maintain good dental health.


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