Is Pregnant Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Is pregnant sex safe during pregnancy? It is a common query that rises among pregnant women. Yes.

You can have sexual activities throughout your pregnancy, as long as your health care professional recommends otherwise.

The health care professional may advise you to avoid pregnant sex early in pregnancy if you have complications during your pregnancy such as history of miscarriages, vaginal bleeding, incompetent cervix, seepage of amniotic fluid or breaking of water, placenta previa, infection, gestational diabetes, pre-term labor or any other complications.

It is always good to consult your health care provider in order to clarify your sexual troubles, as different complications will have different limitations.Pregnant Sex

Remember that pregnant sex will not harm your baby because the fetus in your womb is well protected by the strong muscles of uterus and a fluid called amniotic fluid, which surrounds the baby during pregnancy.

From recent researches, it is found that having pregnant sex throughout pregnancy can reduce the chances of having premature delivery. So, with a normal pregnancy, pregnant sex is safe into the last weeks of third trimester.

On the other hand, the position that is comfortable before pregnancy and in early stages of pregnancy can become painful or unsafe at later stages of your pregnancy.

In other words, as your pregnancy progresses, having pregnant sex may become difficult or uncomfortable.

For instance, you will feel uncomfortable lying flat on your back from your fourth month of pregnancy due to an increased weight of the developing uterus, which puts pressure on main blood vessels.

Also, avoid positions that keep pressure on the stomach. So, prefer any position that avoids excessive pressure on the stomach.

So, it is essential to change the positions to maximize your comfort. Luckily, there are several positions, such as lying sideways or having yourself on top, which can give comfort and pleasure during pregnant sex.

Remember that never feel pain during intercourse where your uterus will contract. Discontinue your sexual intercourse and consult your doctor as soon as you experience any pain during or after sexual intercourse, heavy vaginal bleeding or water breaks.

While having pregnant sex, you need to be careful not to blow the air into your vagina because it leads to an air bubble to enter in your bloodstream, which in turn can block a blood vessel. This condition can become harmful to you and your developing baby.

Remember that your sexual desires will change during pregnancy due to the changes in the hormones. During pregnancy, you may have an increased sex drive or may not be that interested in sexual activities as you it was before your pregnancy.

For example, changes during the first trimester, it is common that you may feel less interest regarding pregnant sex because of tiredness, breasts tenderness and uncomfortable. In some cases, your desires about sex will remain the same.

So, a close communication with your partner is very essential for sex during pregnancy because it helps in making a better understanding about your feelings and desires regarding pregnant sex.


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