Learn the Right Way to Bath After a C-Section Surgery

Caesarian section is an operative procedure performed when a normal delivery, i.e, vaginal delivery would be a risk to both the mother’s life or baby’s life or if any other complications regarding health arises. It is done through one or multiple abdominal and uterus incisions on mother’s body to deliver one or more babies. You will have to take utmost care of your physical and emotional self after the surgery.

Special care has to be taken so that the stitch does not get soaked or disrupted. Therefore, taking extra care during bath time is essential after a C section surgery. This article will help you to learn about the correct way of taking bath after a C section surgery.

right way to bath after a c-section surgeryTips for Taking Bath

The Right Time

It is generally advised to take bath after atleast 2-3 weeks of the surgery or after the wound has healed. But you must consult the doctor about the right time to take a bath after the C section.

Use Mild Soap

Use mild or medicated soap during the bath so that the stitch is saved from reacting with the harsh chemicals.

No Swimming or Bath Tub

Do not go swimming till the doctor allows you to do so as strenuous exercise and harsh chemicals in the pool might cause damage to the wound. Do not take bath in a bath tub unless you are allowed by the doctor to do so.


Do not stress the lower part of the body. Ask for help during the bath as you might be weak after the surgery and also to avoid any accident.


Wrap a towel or a plastic cover around the wound so to prevent it from getting soaked and give rise to infections.

Bathroom Floor Must be Dry

Keep a rug in the floor area and always keep it dry so that you do not slip over.

A Seat

If standing while taking bath seems strenuous, keep a chair so that you are comfortable and the shower or the bucket should be within your easy reach.

Change the Dressing

Change the bandage every day after a shower and put a new and dry bandage over the wound.

Do not Lift Anything Heavy

Do not lift anything while taking a shower as it might cause damage to the wound and also you might lose your balance while taking a shower. After the surgery you should not lift anything heavier than your baby.

Do not Scrub

Do not scrub in or around the wound area and just let the water run over.

Caesarian section or a C section is a major surgery. A mother might go through postpartum trauma and other complications associated with it. Patience, care and caution are required to pass this phase. Do not hesitate if you need physical or emotional help as it very natural in this phase.


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