Monitor The Wellness Of Your Pregnant Baby With Prenatal Tests!

Right from your first prenatal visit to the doctor, you will be recommended to go through several prenatal tests to check the well being of your pregnant baby.

The tests also detect the birth defects, genetic disorders, and other problems with the pregnant baby.

During pregnancy, the tests are generally performed to assess the condition of the health as well as growth of your pregnant baby.

Most of these tests help assure a healthy pregnancy with safe delivery.

If any problems arise during pregnancy, the prenatal tests can help notice your doctor about the problem in advance to treat the condition with special care.

Your doctor generally recommends the tests depending on your stage of pregnancy, associated risk factors as well as the results of regular tests.Pregnant Baby

On the other hand, the tests to evaluate the health condition of your pregnant baby are of several types. The common tests of these are fetal movement counts, non stress test, ultrasound, contraction stress test and biophysical profile.

Fetal movement count is a home pregnancy test that is performed by the mother. The fetal movement counting is also known as kick counting.

The doctor recommends you to keep track of the movements of your pregnant baby, as it helps determine the wellness of your developing baby as well as the problem with the baby.

Non-stress test is a prenatal test that uses electronic monitoring to assess the health condition of the pregnant baby. The doctor attaches an external fetal monitor to you in order to identify the rate of baby’s heartbeat. The prenatal test determines the heart rate with the baby movements.

Generally, the heartbeat rate of the baby increases as the baby moves. So, it is believed that the healthy movements of the baby sign a healthy heart rate.

If the movement of the baby is abnormal, it indicates that the baby may have problems during labor. Thus, the doctor performs delivery before labor starts. Pregnancy testing is essential to prevent the disorders during pregnancy.

Obstetric ultrasound is a test to examine the internal structures of the pregnant baby using high frequency sound waves. [Pregnancy Ultrasound Test]

With this test, the doctor monitors the development as well as abnormalities of the pregnant baby using the pictures that appear on a screen, which is similar to a television.

Contraction stress test is a pregnancy test that measures the changes in the fetal heart rate when uterus contractions occur. During this test, the doctor records the fetal heart rate and the uterus contractions simultaneously to assess the condition of your pregnant baby.

The contraction stress test is often recommended if the non-stress test results are abnormal.

Biophysical profile is a prenatal test to determine the status of your pregnant baby in the uterus. A combination of the non stress test and ultrasound are used to perform the biophysical profile.

The test helps to determine the pregnant baby’s problems. Once the problem is detected, depending on its type, the doctor may deliver the baby before the due date.

Having regular checkups with the doctor can help protect your pregnant baby from health problems.


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