Learn About the Benefits of Perineum Massage

The perineum massage refers to massaging and the gentle stretching of the skin between the vagina and the anus in the last weeks of pregnancy.

It has been shown that this practice reduces the chances of perineal tears and episiotomy during childbirth.

Information about the massage

Before giving birth, a lot of women think whether their birth plan should say that they wish to have an episiotomy or not. Although usually it is good to make the decisions in time, in this case you should wait until the last moment when the doctor assesses the state of the perineum and offers a suggestion.

Perineum MassageWhen thinking about the massage of the perineum keep in mind that it is important to have a slow and controlled delivery to have an intact perineum and to reduce the chances of laceration.

In this case the baby shouldn’t have any distress.

If you are thinking about perineum massage at childbirth, you and your partner have to follow closely the instructions of the doctor or midwife regarding when to push and when not to push.

The advantage of the massage is that the mother can give birth without laceration or episiotomy.

Advantages of the massage

If it is massaged, the perineum becomes more elastic and supple, thus reducing the chances of episiotomy and perineal tearing. In the same time, it prepares women for the stretching and pressure that they will feel when the head of the baby appears so that women will be able to relax.

The perineum massage can make childbirth easier for women and so the entire process could go faster. If there is tension, the descent of the baby is slower. Through the massage, it is also possible to bring out new emotions in the mother. These can be discussed with the partner before birth.

There is also an emotional side of the massage of the perineum. If you discuss these emotions with your partner, in the end you could achieve a deeper appreciation of each other.

There are a lot of different feelings that you could experience, such as uncertainty, fear, excitement, overwhelming love, and so on.

The perineum massage could also help during labor because it eases the tissues around the head of the baby and so it is good for both the mother and the child.

Since this is a sensitive area during birth, it may be best to perform the massage during labor.

Communication during the massage of the perineum

If it is the partner that is performing the massage, it is important for him to be a good listener. Also this is the time to enjoy being together because it may be the last time before the baby comes. If you haven’t been doing so until now, it is time to share the chores around the house.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of perineum massage. Make sure that you share your concerns and feelings with each other. Also don’t forget that it is always nice to pamper each other and these are the last days when it’s only the two of you.

Concerns of the mother

The mother may be thinking that she doesn’t want her partner to see it as a sexual activity. She could also think that it is awkward to ask something like this from her partner. Another thought could be related to being exposed.

These thoughts regarding perineum massage are quite pointless because you are thinking about the man that you are going to live with for the rest of your life.


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