Christina Applegate Tells You What Not To Do During Pregnancy

TV sitcom celebrity Christina Applegate and her pregnancy cravings are well known and well documented and now she is confessing to other pregnancy transgressions as well. She has been indulging unhealthy pregnancy food such as red velvet cup cakes and fried cheese, according to a report.

unhealthy pregnancy foodThe TV star may be really rocking her baby bump and by all accounts is doing well as her pregnancy progresses, but her lead is not what should be followed by other pregnant women, warn doctors.

Being overweight during pregnancy is not good for a number of reasons: it significantly increases the chances of producing a big baby, who may grow into an overweight child.

The chance of this happening doubles among overweight mothers. Also, being overweight increases chances of pregnancy complications. And then there is the fact that putting on too much weight during pregnancy will make it much more difficult to get rid of the flab after the arrival of the baby.

In fact, doctors recommend that women of childbearing age should develop the sort of healthy lifestyles that can help them achieve a healthy weight before they even get pregnant.

When it comes to pregnancy nutrition, the thumb rule is about 300 extra calories in a day and food that is as nutrient dense and unrefined as possible.


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