Diet for 40+ Weeks of Pregnancy

So it’s more than 40 weeks of pregnancy now and you’re still counting the days. When the pregnancy crosses 40 weeks it’s called as overdue. You need to make it as soon as possible by decreasing the wait. We will check the common problem you might be facing this week, its solution and foods that may help you decrease the wait.

Diet for 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

How Do You Ease Your Constipation?

We all know that if you eat enough fiber rich food then constipation doesn’t occur at all. So, the best solution to this problem is to eat more fiber like whole grain cereals, whole grain bread, vegetables and fruits, etc. Along with it is also important to drink plenty of water.

What Can You Eat To Bring On Your Labour?

It’s true that we cannot guarantee that this will help but there are chances. Eating spicy foods can help you get labour soon but if you’re sensitive to such foods then it may upset your stomach. It may even cause heartburn or acidity. So, make sure to keep the remedies ready or avoid it if you’re not at all used to spicy foods. Do not take risk if spicy foods irritate your bowel.

Other than this there is an enzyme called bromelain which softens the cervix and this enzyme is found in pineapple. However a small slice of pineapple consists of very little bromelain; so, you may have to eat a lot of it. How much? Around 7 pineapples would do but this is quite large quantity that no one can have at one go and is not advisable too. You can just have a pineapple a day and try.

Eating and Drinking Health During Labour

There is this very common question every woman gets. Can you eat or drink while on labour? Yes, you can eat and drink in the first stage of labour as long as you did not get any pain killer like pethidine and you didn’t had any complications due to which you may need general anaesthesia.

Prefer carbohydrate over any other nutrient at this stage because this gives energy slowly than many other food stuffs. This energy will help you through contractions.

Few food suggestions are baked potatoes, bananas, toast, dried fruits and nuts, etc. Coming to drinks you can try fresh fruit juices and lemon-honey water.

Eating Healthy For Breastfeeding Your Baby

You might have gained weight during your pregnancy and you have enough fat stored in your body that will now help produce milk for your baby. Your body is efficient enough to produce milk. So, follow your appetite and eat when you feel hungry. However, make sure to get all the required nutrients like before. Avoid lots of sugar and fat and concentrate more on other nutrients. Eat more vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and nuts, fish, poultry, whole grains and toned milk.

You might have heard that you should drink more water to produce more milk but that is a myth. Having excess or less water has nothing to do with the quantity of milk produced. Your body will utilize its reserves to produce it. However drinking water or any fluid is recommended while feeding your baby because at this time your body releases a hormone called oxytocin which makes you feel thirsty. You can drink water, fruit juice, lemon water, milk, etc.

Prefer more vegetables and fruits; eat foods like drumstick, cumin seeds, brinjal, etc. as these help in more milk supply. Avoid extra calories when you stop feeding your baby and start formula feeding.

What Are The Foods That Help Recover From Birth?

New mothers should eat heating foods which speed up the recovery process. These foods are rich sources of vitamins and minerals and so they increase your strength and energy. These foods are rich in calories as a little bit of fat and sugar are added to them. But make sure you do not overeat as it may result in obesity or weight gain. Along with these foods take carom seed water to improve digestion.


Cereal in some milk like cornflakes with milk, fruits yogurt, green salad, toast or sandwiches are great to start your day. If you want you can try different recipes as well but make sure to keep it healthy and nutritious.


Sardines with toast is a good choice for lunch as it is quick and easy to prepare. Moreover sardines are rich source of omega-3-fatty acids, calcium and iron. You will need cooked sardines, granary or wholemeal bread slices and lemon juice. Mash the sardines and add some lemon juice to it. Spread this all over the granary or wholemeal bread slices. Now grill these slices and have with tomatoes and a glass of milk. Tomatoes will add up some vitamin C and milk will provide calcium.


There are many ideas to try for snacks and a salad is quite easy to prepare. Dried fruit salad can provide many nutrients and if soaked in orange juice can ease constipation. To prepare this you will need dried apricots, raisins like muscatel, dried figs, dried apple rings, dried cranberries and some orange juice. Take all the dried fruits in a large bowl and pour in orange juice in it. Stir well and cover it with a lid; leave it overnight in the fridge and next day add some Greek yogurt and have it.

You can also try fresh ginger lemonade, saffron or cashew milk, coconut water, etc. or try grilled mushrooms, sprout salad, soya nugget salad, etc.


Lamb and mushroom casserole is simple and can last for few days if stored in refrigerator. You will need stewing lamb which i rich in iron, flour, onion, garlic, fresh rosemary or dried rosemary, Worcestershire sauce, water and mushrooms like chestnut. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees C and cut the lamb meat into cubes. Take flour in a large plastic bag and take all the lamb cubes in it. Zip it and shake it well so that all the pieces are coated properly with the flour. Place all these pieces in an ovenproof casserole dish. Sprinkle some chopped onion and garlic over these pieces along with some rosemary. Now pour some water and Worcestershire sauce all over it; stir and cover it with a lid. Place it in the oven and leave it for an hour. Remove it carefully from the oven and then add mushrooms to it. Keep it in the oven again and leave it for 30 minutes more; make sure the meat is tender and cooked. Remove the rosemary and have it mashed potatoes and spinach or some broccoli.


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