Why to Eat Fish During Pregnancy?

When women get pregnant they think that they have to become specialists in nutrition. If this happens they will know that they should have fish during pregnancy. Still there are some researchers who say that this may not be such a good idea because of the different results of the studies.

Why to eat fish?

The best thing about seafood is that it could become a source of iron and protein. These nutritional elements are vital for the growth and development of the baby. Besides these the majority of the fish also comes with omega 3 fatty acids and that is known to promote the brain development of babies.

Fish During PregnancyNonetheless women should know regarding having fish while being pregnant that the big, predatory fishes, such as swordfish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel could contain high levels of mercury. Usually this level of mercury isn’t a problem for adults, but you may want to be more careful if you are planning on getting pregnant.

When it comes to eating fish during pregnancy on a regular basis, you should know that the substance could accumulate in your body over time. If you have too much mercury in the bloodstream, it could damage the developing brain of the baby and also his or her nervous system.

How much seafood to have?

The authorities like FDA and EPA suggest that women should have maximum 12 ounces of fish while being pregnant per week. This means that it is alright for pregnant women to have about two regular meals of seafood each week.

On the other hand, when it comes to having fish during pregnancy there is some debate. A part of the researchers don’t agree with the limitations. Some research has shown that seafood has no negative effects on the pregnant women, even if they eat more than the limits of the official guidelines.

What to eat?

If you would like to make sure that your baby is safe, make sure you have fish while being pregnant that is low in mercury. Choose from shrimp, salmon, crab, Pollock, cod, catfish and tilapia. Another good choice may be to have canned tuna.

Still there are some limitations in case of having fish during pregnancy even if we are referring to tuna. The amount you have should be limited to 6 ounces per week if you eat chunk white tuna, albacore tuna or tuna steak.


Raw fish and shellfish

In case you would like to eat fish while being pregnant, you should try to avoid those that come with viruses or bacteria and also try not to eat shellfish or raw fish, such as clams or oysters. It is possible that these have been caught in polluted water. Smoked and refrigerated seafood should also be forgotten in this period.

Local fish advisories

A lot of women eat fish during pregnancy from local waters and in this case it is important to listen to the local fish advisories. If the fish is caught in contaminated waters it could have chemical pollutants that could harm the baby. If it is said that there are no dangers, eat 6 ounces of fish and don’t have any fish during the rest of the week.

Cook properly

To make fish eating a safe choice, you should cook it at high temperatures until the meat separates into flakes and it becomes opaque. The lobster, shrimp and scallops should become milky white.

Usually eating fish during pregnancy is totally safe and there are a lot of advantages that make women eat fish even if they don’t really like it.


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