8 Foods to Avoid when Pregnant

— Stay healthy during your pregnancy by keeping these no-no foods off your menu

Plan a safe and healthy pregnancy menu for you and your baby. Here are some foods to avoid when pregnant that can seriously harm you both if you’re not careful.

1. Raw, undercooked seafood

Avoid Undercooked SeaFood (photo b y avlxyz )

Undercooked and raw seafood can contain harmful bacteria and viruses that are unhealthy for you and for your growing baby. You should definitely avoid oysters and clams during your pregnancy, but also be sure to pay attention to local fish advisories that explain particular health concerns in your area.

This is especially true when water pollution is of concern. Regardless of the seafood you’re eating, be sure to cook it thoroughly to kill as much bacteria and viruses as possible.

2. Deli meat

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant - Deli Meat(photo by ciana13 )

Known to potentially be contaminated with listeria, a compound that can contribute to miscarriages by crossing the placenta wall and infecting the baby, deli meats are one food you should not have on your pregnancy menu.

This category also includes things like hot dogs, meat spreads, and raw pre-stuffed poultry foods. Instead, choose healthier proteins like beans, legumes, lentils, soy, and organic meats and seafood. If you can’t live without your deli meats, ensure that you reheat them until they are steaming.

3. Smoked seafood

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant - Smoke SeaFood(photo by franck-chilli)

Smoked seafood is another no-no during pregnancy, especially if it is uncooked. This can include lox, nova style, kippered, or jerky seafoods as well as pate, which can all be contaminated with listeria as well. They can be safely consumed when included in a casserole or other fully-cooked meal, but should never be eaten raw or undercooked.

4. Soft and blue-veined cheeses

Avoid Blue-Veined Cheeses Pregnant(photo by grongar)

Another group of foods that can be contaminated with listeria are soft cheese such as camembert or brie, as well as blue-veined, soft cheeses like Danish blue cheese. Similar to smoked seafoods and deli meats, these cheses can cause listerioris which can lead to miscarriages, stillbirths, and even severe illnesses for your baby.

5. Liver and Vitamin A

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant - Liver(photo by fotoosvanrobin)

Too much vitamin A can harm your baby, so most doctors will recommend that you avoid taking high-dose multivitamins and other supplements with vitamin A. Fish liver oil supplements, liver, and liver products are also high in vitamin A and should be off of your pregnancy menu as well.

6. Raw or undercooked eggs

Avoid Raw Food in Pregnancy(photo by fotoosvanrobin)

Undercooked or raw eggs can be contaminated with salmonella, which can make you and your baby very sick. To be sure that you avoid all uncooked or undercooked eggs, avoid things like Caesar salad dressings, homemade ice creams and custards, Hollandaise sauces, mayonnaise, and other dressings that list eggs in the ingredient list.

And when cooking your own eggs, be sure that you make the yolks and the whites completely firm before calling them done.

7. Unpasteurized dairy products

Avoid Unpasteurized Dairy Products(photo by gusilu)

Brie and camembert aren’t the only dairy products to be wary of during your pregnancy. Other unpasteurized products such as feta, blue cheese, queso blanco and queso fresco, as well as panela (Mexican) cheese can all be dangerous to consume during your pregnancy because of the potential for them to harbour foodbourne diseases.

8. Fish and seafood high in mercury

Avoid TileFish When Pregnant(photo by fotoosvanrobin)

Doctors now know that there are certain species of fish that tend to be high in mercury, taking them to the category of dangerous foods to avoid when pregnant. You should definitely avoid seafood such as swordfish, shark, king mackerel, and tilefish for this reason. Seafood that is safe (if fully cooked), includes shrimp, crab, salmon, and albacore tuna (canned light).

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