Making Sure You Follow a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

A healthy nutrition is important in every period of life, and healthy diet during pregnancy is even more important to make sure that the baby will have the best start in life possible.

How to have a healthy diet while being pregnant?

As the belly gets larger, it might be easier for you to have several smaller meals than three large meals each day. Since the food is digested more slowly this way it will be easier for the stomach to digest and you won’t have to face heartburn either.

Healthy Diet During PregnancyMost probably up to now you had three meals, and to have a healthy diet while being pregnant you should break these into six smaller meals.

The majority of pregnant women are tempted to have snacks so make sure that you have healthy snacks in your house so you won’t grab anything that is greasy, filled with sugar or salty.

The healthy diet during pregnancy is not the only thing that you have to be thinking about. Also consider engaging in some kind of physical activity that would improve your mood and also prepare your body for the upcoming labor. The key to having a healthy diet while being pregnant is to have a balanced nutrition.

Calories as part of healthy diet during pregnancy

The majority of the professional nutritionists say that pregnant women should have 300 additional calories to the calorie intake that they had before getting pregnant. You should forget about dieting during pregnancy and don’t jump into having snacks. The most important aspect is moderation.

Complex carbohydrates and pregnancy diet

If you have the possibility, make sure to consume complex carbohydrates like wholegrain cereals, pastas and bread, beans, vegetables and legumes. On the other hand you should avoid consuming simple carbohydrates like white bread, pretzels, cookies, sugars and sweeteners.

Proteins and the diet for pregnant women

On a daily basis you should have four servings of proteins. It is possible that the doctor will recommend having more in case you have a high risk pregnancy. In order to add more proteins to your healthy diet while being pregnant just add some meat, chicken, dairy or fish.

Vegetables and their importance in pregnancy diet

The advantage of vegetables is that they come with many different nutrients calories, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and also phytochemicals. Eat at least three servings of yellow and green vegetables that come with vitamin A, E, B6, beta-carotene, riboflavin, fiber, folic acid, calcium and minerals.

Grains and legumes for the pregnancy diet

These are also important to have a healthy diet during pregnancy and the legumes and whole-grains should make up nine servings every day. They contain minerals and vitamin B both vital for a healthy pregnancy.

These foods that make up your healthy diet while being pregnant offer your baby the things he or she needs for development and they also help build the placenta.

Fibers and pregnancy diet

This is something that you need in order to avoid hemorrhoids and constipation. To get the fibers that you need for your healthy diet during pregnancy you should have whole-grains. The products that are enriched or refined aren’t that beneficial for you and the baby.


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