Pregnancy and Why is Protein Important!

No meal without protein, this should be your slogan during the pregnancy months.

The fish, the red and white light meat, nuts, dried vegetables and dairy are rich in protein but considering that the animal products are also rich in fat, you should limit their presence in your future mom diet.

pregnancy proteinYou should avoid raw eggs or the ones not fully cooked and make sure they are fresh.

If you are a vegan mommy who has no milk in her diet, the doctor can prescribe you a calcium and vitamins D and B12 supplements.

You should know that inside the insufficiently cooked meat, there is a risk for bacteria dangerous for the baby to be present.

It is called Listeria monocytogenes and it can only be killed by cooking the meat at a very high temperature.

The proteins play a very important role in the development of baby’s little body. The baby needs it to grow tissue and this is why during pregnancy the mother needs 60-70 grams of protein daily, 10-20 more than the average woman needs.

Fortunately these proteins are easy to obtain. A future mom’s diet that is rich in protein has, as a base, fish and eggs. Do not forget the whole cereals and fresh fruit and vegetables, all being part of a balance diet during pregnancy.

The growth of the baby in the second and third trimester of the pregnancy requires a protein reserve. So does the renewing process of the cells in the body of the future mother.

During the pregnancy the surplus in the protein intake which grows up to 70 grams in the third trimester, is stored in the tissues that the mother grows especially for this purpose.

These reserves will be used in the second half of the pregnancy period when they will offer the necessary quantity of protein for the baby’s last stages of growth.


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