Learn All About Pregnancy Meal Plan

When thinking about the pregnancy meal plan you should make sure that your diet is fresh, varied and interesting. You should think about the foods in terms of what do they have to offer to you and your baby. The most important thing about foods in this period is their intensity and quality.

Pregnancy Meal Plan

Breakfast and the meal plan for pregnancy

For breakfast you could have some rolled oats with Bircher muesli, fruits, chopped nuts and green apple. Think about having some low fat milk that is rich in phosphorus and calcium. Whole grain cereals are also important because they are low in fat but high in fibers and nutrients.

If you are thinking about cereals for your pregnant women’s meal plan you should look for those that resemble their original state like bran and oats. These weren’t processed so their nutritional characteristics aren’t lost. Think about having fruits with low fat yogurt and some sesame seeds.

In case you can’t add fresh fruits to your pregnancy meal plan you may also use frozen fruit or canned fruit. Multi grain toast is also a good choice with some quality spread. Have a combination of tomato and cheese, cottage cheese and avocado or maple syrup and bacon.

Eggs are also a great option for the meal plan of pregnant women. You can have eggs in any form just make sure that they are thoroughly cooked so that you won’t contract salmonella. You can also have leftovers if they were correctly stored. Fresh juice is good for you too.


When it comes to the lunch of the pregnancy meal plan you might be thinking about salads that come with leaves and greens. Look for as many colors as possible and add whole foods. Also throw in some avocado. Make sure that you wash the vegetables thoroughly and store them in the freezer so that they will remain crispy.

It is also a good idea to have wholemeal or wholegrain bread with some spread as a part of your meal plan during pregnancy. Butter and margarine is good for you because they come with vitamin D and essential fats. Chicken, ham, beef and lamb is also good for you and you should add them to your salad.

Leftovers can also become an important part of your pregnancy meal plan. Think about pasta dishes, soups, risotto, casseroles, and stews. These are just great during the winter. Have some fish as well, such as mackerel, sardines, or salmon. Add them to the salad. Then have some yogurt or some milk.


Your meal plan when being pregnant might come with some soup with added lentils, vegetables, split peas and a protein source such as chicken. You could also have an egg dish if you don’t want to spend too much time with cooking. Consider an omelet, poached or scrambled egg.

Steamed vegetables are also good for your pregnancy meal plan. Add some meat as well, such as chicken or fish. Tofu, baked beans, lentils and pulses are also good for dinner.


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