The Pros and Cons in the Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

One of the best things that you can do for the baby is to get a pregnancy nutrition guide. It is a very good idea to start having a healthy nutrition during your pregnancy. Even there are only a couple of months left of your pregnancy, you could still start adopting a new nutrition plan.

The things that you eat affect the way your body works on a daily basis and it also influences the development of the baby and this is something to remember when preparing the pregnancy nutrition guide.

Weight gain

No matter what kind of nutrition plan for pregnancy will you adopt, for sure you will gain weight.

Pregnancy Nutrition GuideWhile for some women this is something that they would like to avoid at all costs, you should think that this means your body is nurturing the baby and that the little one is growing, which is not necessarily related to the nutrition plan during pregnancy.

Also think about the fact that in the moment when you are ready to give birth, you will have 60% more blood in your body. Your breast will be filled with milk and your uterus which will grow to offer space to the baby will be filled with fluid. All these add to your total weight.

In order to make sure that everything is working as they should, you should talk to your health care provider about your personal nutritional needs and you could also visit a nutritionist to come up with a nutrition plan for pregnancy.

A lot of people still believe that you have to be eating for two while you are pregnant. This is not more than a myth. The truth behind it is that your energy need will increase in the second and third trimester and in this period you should have an intake of 300 extra calories daily, so keep this in mind when preparing the pregnancy nutrition guide.

Another really well known myth is that delivery will be easier for those women who gain less weight while being pregnant. This isn’t true at all; in case you don’t gain enough weight you will be at higher risks of premature delivery and the little one might have heart or lung problems. Don’t try to minimize the food intake when creating the nutrition plan for pregnancy.

Regarding the pregnancy nutrition guide it is also believed that in case you gain the right amount of weight while being pregnant, no extra fat will be resulted. Keep in mind that it is normal for your body to turn nutrients into fat when being pregnant. This fat is used when giving birth and also while breastfeeding. Create the nutrition plan for pregnancy so it will allow you to gain a bit of weight.

It is said that pregnant women crave only those kinds of foods that their body needs. The truth is that they might be craving just any kind of food. This is why when thinking about pregnancy nutrition guide you don’t have to consider cravings as the only indicators of your needs.


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