Sushi During Pregnancy – Is It Allowed?

The matter of eating sushi, which is considered to be the consumption of uncooked or semi cooked fish, is naturally likely to raise concerns during the time of pregnancy.

There are a number of problems that stem from uncooked or improperly cooked items that can pose problems for pregnant women, such as Listeria and Salmonella, which they have to be particularly careful about.

pregnant woman eating sushiSo is sushi safe during pregnancy? Generally speaking, sushi is safe even during pregnancy, because not all sushi is uncooked and there are several health benefits of eating fish: there are vitamins and nutrients to be found in fish that are beneficial for baby.

However, certain fish should be avoided altogether during pregnancy; whether cooked or not: swordfish, mackerel, shark and tile fish.

There are yet other kinds of fish of which intake should be restricted during pregnancy. This is because of higher mercury content.

Sushi preparations such as Shiro, Hamachi, Makjiki, Toro, Inada, Meji, Buri, Kanpachi, Masu, Ahi, Katsuo, and Maguro should be restricted to no more than 3 six ounce servings in a month. Intake of fish such as tuna, big eye, trout, yellowtail and blue marlin should be restricted.

The fish that are lower in mercury can be enjoyed by pregnant women at any time.


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