The Right Diet to Conceive a Baby Girl

The right diet to conceive a baby girl is mainly based on the pH balance inside the body of the woman trying to get pregnant.

Some followers of the baby’s sex prediction theory say that after you follow a certain diet a few weeks before you try to conceive, the odds of having a baby girl are very big.

pregnancy dietThis theory sustains that modifying the diet will lead to a significant change in the pH of the female body increasing the chances that the baby will be of female sex.

The baby’s sex is decided during the egg’s fertilization. Basically, the semen rich in Y chromosomes will cause the baby to be a boy while the one rich in X chromosomes will make a baby girl.

This turns the pH of the female vagina into an important player for creating a familiar environment welcoming the X chromosomes.

This favorable pH can be created through a diet. The baby girl conceiving diet encourages the future mom to consume acid foods.

Grapefruits, oranges and lemons are known to modify the pH in the female body. The theory says that an acid pH will kill the Y chromosome allowing the X chromosome to fertilize the egg.

There is even a food supplement called Lydia Pinkham’s Herbal Compound which is said to be able to alter the female pH, but a very little number of specialists encourage using it.

You must be very careful not to take anything that can modify your hormones. Food supplements like the soy supplements may lower the odds of you getting pregnant.

The baby girl conception diet recommends increasing the intake of calcium and magnesium and reducing the salt and potassium from your diet. The acid diet can be based on junk food but the researchers do not recommend it.

A recent study conducted in the US has discovered that there is a realistic relation between skipping breakfast and avoiding the fatty food, and the increase in the number of baby girls born in the last years.



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