Vitamin D and Pregnancy Benefits

We all need vitamin D in order to be healthy, but women may be wondering about the vitamin D and pregnancy benefits. Doctors often suggest women to take pregnancy vitamins that come with higher doses of this nutrient and there are very good reasons for that.

Vitamin D and Pregnancy Benefits

What are the pregnancy benefits of vitamin D?

The body needs vitamin D in order to maintain proper levels of phosphorus and calcium which are important for the health of the teeth and the bones.

If a woman has vitamin D deficiency during her pregnancy it could lead to skeletal deformities and growth retardation of the baby. It is also possible for the baby to be born with a low birth weight.

The advantages of pregnancy vitamin D

If the mother lacks this nutrient, it is possible that the baby will also have deficiencies upon birth. As a result the baby may have higher chances of rickets, delayed physical development and abnormal bone growth. The bad news is that the results can turn out to be long lasting.

What to the researchers have to say?

As a result of the researches done regarding vitamin D and pregnancy benefits the specialists have found that the lack of the nutrient can result in weak immune function of the baby starting with birth and during his or her adulthood, not to mention the negative effects on bone development.

Pregnancy complications

When it comes to the pregnancy vitamin D advantages, women should know that if they lack this nutrient, they have higher chances of being affected by pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia and these women are at risk of having a C-section.


The specialists are making investigations regarding the vitamin D and pregnancy benefits. It seems like the vitamin can prevent different kinds of diseases including autoimmune diseases, osteoarthritis, cancer, high blood pressure and gum disease.

Sources of vitamin D

In order to make the best of the benefits of vitamin D during pregnancy you should make sure to have in your diet foods rich in this nutrient. These include fatty fish, fish liver oil, fortified egg, milk and cereals. It is important to check the labels because not all foods are fortified.

During pregnancy it is important to know about the vitamin D and pregnancy benefits because this way you can make sure that your baby will have the best start in life possible. This vitamin can maintain your health as well.


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