Want Your Baby Not To Have Allergies? Eat More Veggies

We are getting ever increasing information about how a mother’s behavior during pregnancy affects the health, immunity and even intelligence quotient of a child.

And now apparently even allergic reactions of the baby can be determined by a mother’s diet during pregnancy.

According to a Japanese study, eating more fruits and vegetables when pregnant lowered the baby’s risk of developing allergies. The risk of those babies whose mothers ate a lot of fruit and vegetables had half the risk of developing eczema when compared with those who ate less fresh produce.veggies

The most benefit was seen to be imparted by caroteniod rich foods that are typically brightly and variously colored. This includes veggies such as bell peppers (orange, red and green), winter squashes, carrots, leafy green vegetables,  etc.

Veggies and fruits high in beta carotene (colored red and orange) can lower eczema risk and foods that are rich in vitamin E may lower risk of wheezing in an infant.

Though there have been earlier findings that would seem to conflict with this, it is true that fresh fruit and veggies are excellent to have during pregnancy. Not only are they great for health, they provide a lot of nutrients and keep the system regular.


  1. That’s very interesting study!Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is good for health and also have many health benefits as well.These must be part of one’s diet during pregnancy.


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