Watch What you Put in your Mouth while Pregnant

Healthcare while pregnant is crucial, making sure both mom and baby are doing well prior to birth is the top priority for soon to be parents. Part of that care includes dietary and medical care needs. With a rising number of women on medications and growing information on how diet affects their bodies, we are seeing more and more of a need to carefully watch what we ingest. Here are a few tips on monitoring your medicines and dietary needs.

pregnant women

Keep an Eye on Those Pills

When pregnant, doctors need to know what medications you are taking and often prescribe a multivitamin that includes folic acid and iron. Some medications need to be monitored carefully so that mother is well taken care of and the effects are minimal on baby.

One of the more frustrating aspects of pregnancy is the forgetfulness many women experience. It’s not their fault, it’s a result of the body in overdrive from influx of hormones and working around the clock incubating a fetus. This means that on occasion, medicines may be forgotten or lost.  When this happens, a pill identifier can be a helpful tool so that we know exactly what we are taking. Additionally, using a phone app or asking for family to help you with remembering your medications can also help avoid losing or forgetting a medication.

What you Drink Matters

If you were a woman who loves a few cups of coffee per day, now will be the time to change those habits. Most doctors encourage drinking more water. It’s great for flushing out your system and keeping you well hydrated (and rumor has it, hydration could be key for avoiding stretch marks). However, drinking water day in and out can become boring to the taste buds. To add a little flavor, some fruit or lemon slices to your water can help make it more exciting.

However, if you insist on drinking something that is not water, try out a glass of milk. The calcium and protein in milk are wonderful for your body and to pass on to the baby for optimum growth. You can also drink fresh fruit juice. Be careful when selecting fruit juices in the grocery store. Anything labeled “fruit juice cocktail” is full of sugar and not the least bit healthy for you. Rather you are looking for 100% fruit juice so that you get all of the nutrients and hydration needed.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is one way to keep your energy up and start your baby off with the right health. Plenty of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins are a great way to promote healthy eating. Avoiding fried and fatty foods and anything that is full of white sugar will start your baby off right. It’s also important to remember that you are not eating for two, you are eating to take care of your body while nurturing a new life inside of you. As your belly grows, there will be less room for your stomach.

This means you will eat more often but eating much smaller portions. Eat too much and you will suffer from serious indigestion that can keep you up all night. Of course there are some foods you should avoid while pregnant, such as soft cheeses, some deli meats, and raw fish in sushi. It can be helpful to print a food checklist for your fridge so that you can be sure you are avoiding these foods. However, we suggest that you also print up a checklist of substitutes so that you aren’t thinking about what you can’t have but focus on what you can have.

Pregnancy can be enjoyable and we encourage you to find those things that make you happy. A lovely cold 100% fruit juice popsicle, a yummy salad with your favorite grilled chicken, and maybe an ice cold glass of water with a lemon slice. Know that by taking care of you, you are also taking care of your baby. It’s that simple!


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