Find Out What to Avoid When Pregnant

There are a lot of people telling you what you shouldn’t do in your condition and this could become annoying. So what to avoid when pregnant? It is true that women are more vulnerable during their pregnancy. Most probably you have less energy and so you should take even better care of yourself.

Eating sushi and things you should avoid when pregnant

It is a known fact that it is best to avoid eating raw sushi  because the raw meat could contain parasites such as tapeworm that could take the nutrients from the baby. The meat could also be contaminated with listeria. However if the meat has been frozen before it was prepared, it should pose no dangers to women.

What to Avoid When PregnantLitter tray

If you are interested in what to avoid during pregnancy you should know that kitty poo comes with different parasites like toxoplasmosis. These could turn out to be dangerous for the baby if he or she gets in contact with it. Although the chances are low, it is best if someone else takes care of the kitty litter.

Scuba diving

Although it isn’t proven that this is one of the things that women should avoid during pregnancy, there were a lot of cases when women went through a miscarriage after they performed the activity. The oxygen levels also change, and this could induce premature labor. Instead you should swim or snorkel.

Dyeing your hair

This activity is considered to be among the things to avoid when pregnant. It is true that hair dyes come with a lot of harsh chemicals, but the levels should be a lot higher to be considered a danger for the baby. However it is a known fact that the baby is susceptible to the chemicals that enter through the placenta during the first trimester.

Now that you know that this is one of the answers to the question what to avoid when pregnant, you should know that it is better to go for highlights. These come with a lot less chemicals. Another option that you have is to opt for henna that is plant based.

Painting the nursery and avoiding things during pregnancy

Getting in contact with paint is one of the things to avoid during pregnancy. This is because paint contains a lot of harsh chemicals that could be absorbed by your body and we can’t know in what way they will affect the baby. According to a study the babies could be affected by gastroschisis.

Although you should consider this when asking what to avoid during pregnancy, it is also good to know that spending a few minutes in the freshly painted room will do no harm to the baby. There are some other ways to satisfy the nesting instincts, like picking clothes, toys, linen and furniture.


When it comes to things to avoid when pregnant keep in mind that there are a lot of people who are allergic to peanuts. This could also be the case of your baby, so it is best to avoid peanuts during pregnancy.


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